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WINDWALKER™ Quick Reference 
Apple IIGS Version 

by Greg Malone 


Sound/Volume Control You may toggle the Windwalker sound effects volume 

by pressing <Control> "S" at any point after the initial 
Windwalker screen appears or from the options list 
during combat or travel (See Special Options). 

Selecting Options Whenever you are presented with a list of options during 
From Lists play, press the Up or Down arrows or the space bar to 
select an option. When your desired selection is high- 
lighted, press Enterto accept it. If you wish to exitthe list 
without selecting an option, press the <ESC> key. If you 
are using a mouse, clicking the pointer once on an 
option highlights it. Once an option is highlighted, click- 
ing on that option again will select it. If an item in the list 
is hidden from view, you can scroll Up or Down using the 
arrows adjacent to the list. 

Answering 'Yes/No' You will sometimes be asked a question which requires 
a "Yes" or "No" answer. From the keyboard you may 
type "Y" or "1ST. When using the mouse, clicking the 
pointed finger over the text will answer "Yes", clicking the 
open palm away from the text, will answer "No". 

In Case of Difficulty Refer to the section on Troubleshooting should the 
game not perform in accordance with these instructions. 


Insert the Windwalker diskette labelled Magnetic Scroll 
A into your boot disk and turn on the power to your com- 
puter/monitor (you may have to change your boot drive 
- see your ApplelIGS Owner's Manual for information 
regarding changing the boot device.) After a short wait, 
the Windwalker title screen and opening sequence will 

opening sequence will appear. When ready to proceed, 
press a key to bypass the title sequence and enter the 
presence of Moebius. Once in his presence, pressing 
any key will rouse him from his meditation. After Moebius 
greets you, he will ask you your name. Type your name 
and press Enter. Should you make a mistake, press the 
<ESC> key to clear your name and reenter it. Moebius 
will welcome you and offer you the choice of Training or 
Venturing forth. At this time, you may also press the 
<ESC> key to go back and enter a different name. 


Venturing Forth 

Select Train if you want to practice your combat skills. 
Refer to the sections on combat for more detailed 
instructions. Should you wish to stop training during 
combat, press the DELETE key or click on the Break & 
Run icon. This will return you to the presence of Moebius. 

Select Venture Forth when you wish to begin an adven- 
ture in the world of Khantun. If there is an adventure in 
progress previously saved under a different player's 
name, you will be given the option to abandon it and 
begin a new adventure using your name. Otherwise, you 
will continue the adventure in progress. Any previously 
saved adventure must be abandoned before a new 
adventure can be started. Refer to Special Options for 

To enhance you spiritual consciousness before you 
begin travel, you will be asked to consult the Book of 
Changes included with the game for a special Concept 
of Enlightenment. For example, if you were to be asked 
for the concept of Hexagram 26, you would enter the 
word "Potential". 


fhe Adventure Display When adventuring, the following display is show: 

= T = T 

J K 



Travel Window 


PC's Honor attribute 


Player Character (PC) Icon 


PC's Karma attribute 


PC's name 


PC's Order of Enlightenment 


System message area 


Inventory icon 


PC's Body attribute 


Talk icon 


PC's Spirit attribute 



System icon 

Moving About in To move the player character over land or water, press 
the World one of the direction keys listed below. Note that there 
are two identical sets of direction keys. 

□ id a 

northwest north northeast 

□ □ □ 

vtst PASS east 

□ □ □ 

ft south 


southwest south southeast 

Special options 

□ a □ 

northvest north northeast 

□ CD □ 

vest PASS east 

□ a □ 

southwest south southeast 


ve Inventory 

The arrow keys may be used in place of the North, 
South, East & West keys. Mouse users indicate the 
direction of travel using the direction pointer which 
appears around the PC icon. Clicking either of the 
mouse buttons will move the PC in that direction. 

To move at a quicker, though fatiguing pace, press and 
hold the <Shift> key while moving the player character 
in the desired direction. 

To rest in place for one turn, press the Pass key or click 
either mouse button with the pointer over the PC icon. 

The Combat Display 

When in combat, the following display is shown: 

A. Combat Window E. Combat Options icon 

B. Player Character (PC) F. Break and Run icon 

C. PC's Body Attribute G. PC movement icons 

D. Combat Opponent H. PC combat maneuver icons 


Defending in Combat 

Use the space bar to toggle between Concentration and Intuition modes. The PC's 
maneuvers in combat are controlled using the following keys. 

□ a 

Step Step 

Backward Forward 

cd a 

Scoot Scoot 

Backward Forward 

Bore handed 

□ a 

High kick Punch 

a a 

Back kick Front kick 

□ a 

Cartwheel Handspring 

With staff 

a a 

4igh kick High swim 

a a 

Sack kick Front kick 

a a 

Thrust Low jab 





Switch between Intuition and Concentration modes 

Special Combat Options 

While in combat, press the <ESC> key or click the Combat Options icon to display 
the Combat Options. The options are: 


Set Speed 
Turn Sound On/Off 
Resume Combat 

This will allow you to toggle between real time and 
stop-action combat modes. 

This will adjust the speed at which combat progresses. 

This allows you to turn the sound effects on or off. 

This exits the Special Combat Options and returns to 
the combat in progress. 


Your Possessions 

The Inhabitants 
of Khantun 

Whenever you wish to examine or use one of your 
possesions, press the <Spacebar> or click on the Inven- 
tory icon. You will be presented with a list of the items that 
you currently possess. Using the keyboard or mouse, se- 
lect the item you wish to examine or use (See Selecting 
Options from Lists). For example, when you wish to sleep, 
you should select the straw mat from your possessions. 
When you are hungry, you may eat by selecting "Food". 
Below the list of your possessions is a description of the 
item, and when appropriate, you will be asked if you want 
to use that item. You may answer yes, by pressing the H Y M 
key on the keyboard, or by clicking the YES icon with the 
mouse. If you are not interested in that item, either select 
another item on thelist, or exit the list by pressing <ESC>, 
or clicking on the DONE icon. 

To interact with an inhabitant of Khantun, press theEnter 
key, or click on the Talk icon, followed by the direction of the 
person or creature to interact with. When speaking to 
people, you may discuss different topics. Listed under 


these topics are the key words you and the person know. 
When you ask someone about a key word and you hear a 
special tone, you have had another key word added to one 
of your topic lists. It is advisable to occasionally converse 
with persons you have spoken with before, using the new 
words you learn - they may have new things to tell you. 

Inanimate Objects To interact with or examine an object in the world, move up 
to the object and "bump" against it. If the object is something 
that can be examined, a message will appear telling you 
what you have found. For example, bumping into a scroll 
on a table will result in the scroll being opened and its 
contents revealed. Bumping into a doorway will cause 
you to pass through the door into or out of the building. 
When you wish to board a sailing vessel that you own or 
have taken in battle, bump into the front end of the craft. 
When you wish to disembark from the craft, you can drop 
anchor by selecting that from your inventory. 


While travelling in Khantun, press the <ESC> key or click on the System icon to 
display the Special Options list. The options are: 

Save Game This will save the adventure in progress for later recall All 
character information is saved to Magnetic Scroll B & C , 
which can be copied for archival purposes, or to permit the 
play of more than one simultaneous games. 

Recall Game This will restore the adventure from the previous save, or 
the place of your last resurection. 

Save and Quit This command will automatically save the game and quit. 

This command must be issued to end your game session. 
Failure to use this command will cost the PC one karma 
bead on the next restart. 

Abandon Game 

Turn Sound on/off 
Resume Game 

This will abandon the adventure in progress and erase it 
permanently, allowing a new adventure to be started. 

This will switch the game sound effects on or off. 

This will allow you to continue the game from your last 
saved position. 



Failure to Start Properly If the game fails to start properly, perform the 
following sequence: 

1) Turn the computer off. 

2) Make sure the computer and its parts are properly 

3) Turn on the power to your computer, disk drive(s) 
and monitor. 

4) Insert Magnetic Scroll A, label-side up, into your 
boot drive. 

5) The game will auto-boot 

If this sequence fails to start the game, you probably 
have either a hardware or software problem . If possible, 
try starting the game on another computer to verify the 
problem, or, consult your software dealer for assistance. 

If during play you get a "Please insert Magnetic Scroll" 
message on your screen, make sure that you have the 
disk properly inserted in the disk drive. 

© 1 990 Greg Malone 

P.O. Box 161750, Austin, TX 78716 
Windwalker™ is a trademark of Greg Malone. All rights reserved. 
Apple IIGS is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.